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Do You Really Want Him Back? Do These 3 Things Before You Decide!

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On the new CBS show “The Ex List”, a woman seeks out all her former flames to find out if she missed “the One”. She probably didn’t, but it’s going to be fun watching her take the journey.

The woman on the show isn’t hung up on her exes, but if you are, you need to do the following to find out if you really want your ex back or if you’re just scared you’ll be alone.

Before you decide to take him back, do these three things:

1. Make a list of all his flaws, bad habits and the fights you’ve had. Ask yourself if you would want your sister or best friend to be with a guy like that.

2. Exorcise him from your life. Banish all things that remind you of him. Get rid of the pictures, cards and gifts. You don’t have to throw them away for now, you can just store them.

3. Invite your girlfriends over and talk about him. Get their brutally honest view of him. Did they really like him? Did they notice things that you didn’t? Make notes of the conversation.

After you do these three things, wait one week. During that time, go about your normal routine, but don’t call your ex or have any contact with him. Now ask yourself, are you better off with or without him? Only you can decide! But if you decide you’re better off without him, you can toss the mementos of your relationship and make space for the stuff of a new guy! 🙂


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